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Seeknit Koshitsu Asymmetric Circular Needles 23cm (9.5'')

Seeknit Koshitsu Asymmetric Circular Needles 23cm (9.5'')

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SeeKnit Koshitsu Asymmetric Circular 3.5mm Bamboo Needle. Length 23cm.

Traditional and Unique Bamboo Asymmetric Circular Needles made in Japan using carefully selected Moso and Madake Bamboo. The Koshitsu needles are carefully polished with natural plant wax which gives the bamboo extra durability and helps prevent damage, warping and staining. The result is a very comfortable and smooth tool for your projects.
These needles were specifically developed to make knitting small-diameter tubes, such as socks, easier. One of the tips is one cm shorter than the other to enhance smoothness and comfort while knitting.

When I discovered these short tips I started making socks and I wanted to bring the best sock experience to everyone by choosing to have these needles in my shop. If you are scared about magic loop or just do not like it, then these needles are definitely for you! You will not be disappointed.

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