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Mohair By Canard

Mohair by Canard 1-ply Kid Mohair

Mohair by Canard 1-ply Kid Mohair

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Mohair yarn of 65% kid mohair and 35% of the softest merino wool. The yarn is very light and has a length of meters of about 350 m / 50 grams and is knitted with a needle size of 2 – 3 1/2 mm.

Our 1\-ply kid mohair yarn is very popular for smaller things. Due to the long length, with only a few bundles you can knit or crochet large amazing shawls etc. Since the yarn is offered in many colours, you have the opportunity to make your very own colour combinations by knitting two threads together of different colours.

The 1\-ply yarn is also very suitable for mixing with other yarns, as the softness of the mohair clearly comes through if mixed with a slightly hard yarn. Even the lightest and thinnest shawl of this yarn provides good heat, without filling much.

Several of the colours are reoccurring in our other types of yarns, so mixing our different qualities in the same colour can provide great unique knitting experiences for the creative.

Composition: 65% kid mohair, 35% merino wool

Weight/Lenght: 350m / 50g

Recommended needle size: 3.00mm - 3.50mm 

 Please be aware that due to lighting the colour may be slightly different in real life.

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