Welcome to My Ivory Room!

My name is Valentina and this is my safe and happy space. When I first started thinking of opening my own knitting shop/studio I had a precise idea in mind. I wanted a space, a living room, a cosy place where every knitter could come and feel at home.

My Ivory Room is a space for knitting events, meetings with our favourite knitting designers, for sharing experiences and shopping our favourite yarn without the pressure of having been in a shop too long.

The key word here is cosy, hygge, calm.

The idea came into mind when I was going to meet with my Instagram friend for my first time back in December and we couldn't find a place in London that was quiet enough and cosy enough to host our first meeting-knitting session (we ended up talking the whole time and almost forgot to knit but this another story). We finally managed to find space in a very popular and slightly high end coffee place. But it was so busy and loud on a Saturday morning. It was still a lovely meeting but loud. I remember going out and feeling the buzzing in my ears.

And the idea clicked.

What if I open my own space, cosy and warm and what's best than knitting surrounded by yarn? What's best that sharing your passion with your friend in such a cosy space?

And here we are! After so many set backs and stress, My Ivory Room is finally open and I cannot wait to meet you, hear your stories, sharing mines and knit together!