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Gepard Cash Sock

Gepard Cash Sock

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CashSock is a very strong and also extra soft sock yarn. CashSock takes up a little more than ordinary sock yarn due to the 10% cashmere that has been added. Cashmere is a very strong fiber and it is mixed with very soft long-fibre merino wool and 20% special polyamide which is supple and strong, which is why Cashsock is a real durable sock yarn. It is suitable for all kinds of socks, even the long ones, because CashSock does not scratch. You can also use CashSock for mittens, baby and children's knitwear.
Wash: at 30 degrees, max 40 degrees in the machine.

NON superwash.  

The anti-shrink treatment is the GOTS approved clorofree method which is completely non-toxic. CashSock is not in any way post-treated with softening agents (called softeners, often silicone agents). This means that the yarn has a good, resilient and durable structure. that will never slack off.


Composition: 70% Merino Wool, 10% Cashmere, 20 % Polyamide 

Weight / lenght: 25 gr / 350 m

Recommended needle size: 2.00 mm - 3.50 mm

Gauge: 31x42 in 10x12cm with 2.50mm needles
28x35 in 10x10cm with 3.00mm needles 


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