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Gepard Kid Silk 5

Gepard Kid Silk 5

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Kid Silk 5 is a lovely soft, extra shiny and rich mohair yarn, with a unique thickness on the knitting market.

Kid Silk 5 consists of extra long-fibred, shiny mohair in addition to silk, which means that the yarn can have a more long-haired surface than the thin mohair yarns. You knit a thin and light mohair blouse and still finish in a speed of p. 5, or p. 8 if you double the yarn. You will never notice that you are knitting with double yarn, it slides easily and the threads lay together so nicely.

Composition: 70% super kir mohair, 30% silk

Weight/Lenght: 25gr / 125m

Recommended needle size: 4.00mm - 6.00mm

Please be aware that due to lighting the colour may be slightly different in real life.

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