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Isager Wool Soap

Isager Wool Soap

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When you as a knitter put hours of love and tenderness into your knitwear, the finished product naturally also deserves the best treatment.

ISAGER has  developed the perfect wool detergent so that knitwear can get the loving care it deserves.
ISAGER's wool detergent does not contain lanolin, and is therefore particularly suitable for knitwear knitted with alpaca qualities.

Unlike fibers from sheep, the hairs from alpacas are hollow inside. If you wash alpaca with wool detergent containing lanolin, it will lose its airiness over time, as the cavities of the hair will fill with the lanolin. ISAGER's wool detergent, on the other hand, ensures that the alpaca retains its airiness.

The detergent can also be used for all qualities of wool, just as it is also suitable as a mild detergent for washing non-wool qualities such as e.g. Isager Trio and Isager Bomulin.

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