Collection: Minuk

MINUK is a one-woman brand from Germany founded by Antje Arens. 

All here bags are made by hand: from the draft of the cuts and the textile design to the sewing, to the cutting of the leather straps and the final processing - all work steps are carried out by the founder and designer Antje and her small team with attention to detail and quality. For MINUK, “slow fashion” is more than just a phrase, even if they are quick with our hands.

The range of functional canvas and simple leather bags is supplemented by special models, such as project bags for the "most beautiful hobby in the world". Inspired by Antje's love of knitting, these have been a staple of the collection since their launch in 2016. Her experience in handwork - in addition to knitting, working with the punch needle and various DIY projects with wool - flows directly into the development of her products.