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Knitting For Olive

Knitting for Olive No Waste Wool

Knitting for Olive No Waste Wool

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No Waste Wool is a sustainable wool yarn made of 50% recycled wool and 50% of our extrafine Merino, traceable and non-mulesed.

The yarn is very soft and has a beautiful and woolen texture. 

The recycled wool is a waste product from the production of other wool yarns. We collect the excess wool fibers, blend it with our merino wool and spin the wool blend into a new yarn. This way we use the wool fibers that would otherwise be wasted, and reduce waste in yarn productions.

The 50% merino wool prevents the yarn from breaking easily, which is often the case with pure recycled yarns. 

The yarn is produced in Italy. Our spinning mill follows ethical, technical and environmental standards, creating yarns free from harmful chemicals.

Composition: 50% recycled wool, 50% extrafine traceable non-mulesed merino wool

Weight / Lenght: 50 gr / 225 m

Gauge: 28 sts in 38 rows in 10 X 10 cm

Recommended needle size: 3 mm

Please note that the colour of the yarn may slightly differ in real life.

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