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Mohair By Canard

Mohair by Canard Brushed Lace

Mohair by Canard Brushed Lace

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25 grams per bundle. Loop length 210m per bundle.

Brushed lace is a quality yarn of superfine fibres from the mohair kids blended with mulberry silk, which is the finest silk. The yarn consists of 72% fine kid mohair and 28% mulberry silk. The kid mohair is carefully selected for this product. The fibres must be super fine and long to give the best quality.

No silicone or other softeners are added to achieve softness. A brushed mohair yarn will always shed some hair, but we hear very often that ours doesn't "shed" very much. Brushed lace, is often called silk mohair by knitters. This term is actually very telling, not only because the yarn is blended with silk, but also because it is silky and lustrous.

Brushed lace is used in many different ways. Ultra-light sweaters are knitted with one thread, PetitKnit's September Sweater is knitted with three threads and our model 88 Fluffy Bird is knitted with four threads. We've even seen a designer create a bolero with eight threads of brushed lace. Anything is possible and therefore it is impossible to suggest a suitable needle size. Brushed lace is also suitable as a follow-up thread along with our 1- and 2-ply kid mohair or completely different yarns.

Composition: 72% kid mohair, 28% Mulberry Silk

Weight/Lenght: 210m / 25g

Recommended needle size: 2.50mm - 5.00mm

 Please be aware that due to lighting the colour may be slightly different in real life.

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