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Little Beau Sheep

Little Beau Sheep Wool and Cashmere Laundry Detergent

Little Beau Sheep Wool and Cashmere Laundry Detergent

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The wool and cashmere laundry detergent is a gentle machine or hand-washing liquid for all your woollens and delicates. The lanolin content in the detergent refreshes the texture of the wool leaving your garment feeling soft and fresh. Simply add one capful to a medium-sized bowl and mix well before immersing your garment. After washing, rinse thoroughly in lukewarm water.

Each bottle will last for around 50 washes.

Ingredients: 5-15% ionic surfactants and amphoteric surfactants, lanolin, fragrance, preservatives

Woolly wash is biodegradable, pH neutral and has not been tested on animals.

Woolly Wash laundry detergent is designed to refresh natural fibres – wool, sheepskin, baby clothes, nappy covers, lingerie and silk garments.

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