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Gepard Kid Seta Tweed

Gepard Kid Seta Tweed

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Kid Seta Tweed is delicious and with a unique delicate tweed effect. The yarn works excellently both as a trailing thread and on its own.

The 30% silk in Kid Seta gives it shine and extra softness, while the 70% extra fine kid mohair puffs up lively.
Kid Seta Tweed consists of 3-4 different colors of mohair, which are mixed together, so that the colors appear deliberately irregularly and thus the most beautiful discreet play of colors is created.

The entire spinning process is far more labor-intensive than with regular plain mohair. The colors are hand-mixed and will always vary slightly from each spinning lot.  

Gepard's Kid Seta Tweed has a play of colors, so it gives a beautiful vibrant knit ala hand-dyed mohair, but at a much cheaper price.

Composition: 70% super kir mohair, 30% silk

Weight/Lenght: 25gr / 210m

Recommended needle size: 3.00mm - 5.50mm

Please be aware that due to lighting the colour may be slightly different in real life.

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